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Small enterprises

We specialize in working with innovative SMEs, providing them with strategic guidance to drive their business growth. Our expertise lies in developing effective business growth strategies, particularly in the context of organizational design, financing,  and strategic focus, as well as entering new markets or buying and selling companies.

Our goal is to empower businesses with the tools and insights they need to thrive in today’s dynamic and competitive landscape.

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topics we discuss

Mergers & Acquisitions


Finding investors

Get prepared to professionally approach investors to accelerate fundraising. Learn how to start fundraising, which documents to prepare and when to share, How to calculate and challenge your company valuation and many more. 


Financial planning

You will learn different valuation methods for startups, how to use valuation methods to prepare for investor meetings, where to get benchmark data from and how to prepare your argumentation and defend the value of a startup. 


Business valuation

Learn negotiation tactics with suppliers and customers and differences between customer and supplier negotiations, how to prepare for a negotiation, what is tactically important to achieve good results and to de-brief with style to improve tactics in future negotiations. 


Selling a company

Take your negotiation tactics to the next level and learn special features of sales, partner and investor negotiations, how to get more out of negotiations, how to deal with challenging settings and set your focus.


Vienna stock exchange market

Get familiar with Corporate Venturing initiatives and find out more about typical expectations of startups, how to choose corporate venturing models for different goals and phases…



Learn legal strategies to efficiently negotiate and successfully complete your M&A process. Find more about legal documents during the investor process, main rules in Term Sheets and general best practice strategies.


M&A and Legal Terms and Frameworks

Take your negotiation tactics to the next level and learn special features of sales, partner and investor negotiations, how to get more out of negotiations, how to deal with challenging settings and set your focus.


Organisation design


Organisational Setup and (Re)-alignment

It gives you the the understanding of cornerstones & variables of organisation design, context & stakeholder analysis. You will see what are  organizational challenges and possible responses.


The HR toolbox

You will find out more how do recruiting & onboarding go, what’s talent management & development, job categorisation & evaluation, career management, the importance of feedback and reflection.


Leadership & Culture

You will gain knowledge of the role and purpose of OKRs, how to align team & individual performance with corporate performance and strategy and other dos and don’ts

topics we discuss



Business growth consultancy

If you are new in the world of business, have innovative idea or progressed a bit beyond the initial stages of ideation and development, we support you from there


Corporate startup collaboration

We guide you in leveraging your existing distribution network to create mutually beneficial partnerships with startups, fostering growth and expansion for both parties.


Go-to market strategy

If you’re seeking funding for your venture, we can create a comprehensive go-to-market plan that showcases the value proposition of your product or service, targets potential investors, and outlines the steps to secure funding.

with whom you are working

Konsultori Experts

Petra Wolkenstein

Business development is Petra Wolkenstein’s passion. She guides startups and innovative SMEs in growth issues, be it in international market entry, lead generation, new business fields, the development of cooperations, the acquisition of investors or in the accompaniment of company acquisitions and sales.

Michael Kubiena © Konsultori

Michael Kubiena

Michael has over 20 years of international experience as a head of HR departments, both in startups and large companies, especially in the ICT and services industries. He is therefore very familiar with topics such as strategic HR, compensation and performance management, talent management and HR systems.

Franziska Kolk © Konsultori

Franziska Kolk

Franziska Kolk is General Partner Startup Wise Guys and CEO of 3EG Technologies. As an early-stage investor, she works with startups in Africa and Europe, where she acts as a startup advisor. She specialises in business development, financing and business operations.

How we support you


Individual projects tailored to your situation but based on our proven framework and approach. You work with your Konsultori expert or team.

Digital Academy

Self-learning courses for entrepreneurs who want to drive their growth effectively and quickly.

Draw inspiration from our customers

Petra Wolkenstein hat eine bemerkenswerte Auffassungsgabe, denn sie lässt sich vollkommen auf ihr Gegenüber ein. So ist es ihr möglich, äußerst schnell und präzise Herausforderungen im Business zu identifizieren und Lösungswege aufzuzeigen. Was dabei für Ihre Kunden von unschätzbarem Wert ist: Ihr umfassendes Netzwerk.

Karin Graf-Kaplaner © Karin Graf-Kaplaner
Mag. Karin Graf-Kaplaner

Petra is definitely one of the very best M&A experts that I met.

Nikola Ljusev © Nikola Ljusev
Nikola Ljusev (former CEO)
Vip Operator

Petra leitete einen Strategie-Überarbeitungsprozess in einem dynamischen, expandierenden mittelständischen Unternehmen über mehrere Bereiche unter Zeitdruck. Sie hat die Fähigkeit, die unterschiedlichsten Bereichsleiter auch bei schwierigen Themen an Board zu holen. Das Ergebnis passte perfekt.

Bernhard Thalhammer © Bernhard Thalhammer
Bernhard Thalhammer (former M&A Manager)

Ich gratuliere zu diesem tollen Event für Unternehmerinnen. Die Vortragenden hatten wirklich etwas zu sagen. Die entspannte Gesprächsatmosphäre ist Ihnen als Initiatorinnen sehr gut gelungen.

Michaela Reitterer © Michaela Reitterer
Michaela Reitterer

Mit Frau Wolkenstein haben wir jemanden gefunden, der uns konsequent und zielgerichtet bei der Fokussierung unserer Dienstleistungen unterstützt und darauf aufbauend unsere Präsenz in den digitalen und sozialen Medien entscheidend weiter entwickeln hilft. Das Einbringen ihrer persönlichen Erfahrung im Umgang mit diesen Medien und ihr entsprechendes Know-How sind ein entscheidender Faktor für den Ausbau unseres Kundenstammes.

Ich kann Frau Wolkenstein nur wärmsten empfehlen. Das was Sie in der Startup Scene entwickelt und voran treibt, findet auch bei uns als KMU tolle Anwendung. Die positive Entwicklung unseres Unternehmens in den letzten 5 Jahren der Zusammenarbeit mit Frau Wolkenstein ist der beste Beweis dafür.

Lorenz Consult ZT GmbH copyright Lorenz Consult
DI Christian Lorenz

Die Arbeit mit konsultori hat uns Schritt für Schritt begleitet und Struktur in unsere kreativen Ideen gebracht!

Stefanie Jirgal © Stefanie Jirgal
DI (FH) Stefanie Jirgal

Petra helped us in structuring the key message and all relating documents for finding venture capital for a newly founded start-up in the field of green chemicals. Petra also provided us contacts and venture opportunities for our mission. We totally appreciated Petras’s very experienced, well-skilled but still hands-on way of working with us. Petra is perfectly capable of sensing what her customers really need. We really learned a lot! Thank you, Petra.

Alexander Svejkovsky © Alexander Svejkovsky
Mag. Alexander Svejkovsky