Strategic investor and company sale of food startup Goldkehlchen

Strategic investor and company sale of food startup Goldkehlchen


Goldkehlchen GmbH


Industry: Food startup, beverage sector (cider and juice).
Project: Preparation of the entry of a strategic investor up to the support of the entire company sale as an exit for the founder.
Company: Goldkehlchen, Austria
Contact person: Dr. Adam Ernst, former managing director and co-founder


After a well-established brand for Goldkehlchen Cider, the brand Rotkehlchen was launched. The Goldkehlchen management prepared for negotiations with several distribution partners in Austria and Germany and for the first time sounded out the market for potential exit partners for the Goldkehlchen brand.


  1. Analysis of potential exit partners and distribution partners in German-speaking countries
  2. Ranking and potential assessments in the negotiation preparation phase
  3. Negotiation support and tactics discussions
  4. Preparation and support of the process for the sale of the company to a strategic exit partner


Successful takeover by Berentzen Gruppe AG in September 2020, which thus opens up the cider beverage segment for itself. Read more in the article of Drinks Magazine , as well as in the press release of Berentzen Gruppe AG.

About the collaboration

Dr. Adam Ernst about the collaboration:

Petra’s highly structured and positive approach proved to be spot on for Goldkehlchen.
The multiple challenges and understanding of our business challenges made her an indispensable sparring partner in the consulting process. She joined us as a coach and remains with us as part of our extended team.

Petra Wolkenstein about the collaboration:

Adam not only brought Goldkehlchen to market perfectly as a brand and product, but he showed how it pays to continue building a company with only the core competencies and to cover the rest through good collaborations. His calm and professional manner have more than paid off and Goldkehlchen has landed successfully at Berentzen.

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