Marketing for architects




Industry: Architecture, Interior, Corporate Branding
Project: Sharpening of positioning, target group analysis, support in the implementation of individual marketing activities
Company: Mag. arch. Ing. Martin Huber Ingenieurb├╝ro
Contact person: Martin Huber (Managing Director)


In 2012, Mr. Huber started his office HUBER GESTALTUNG, in which services from architecture, interior and corporate branding are offered fluently in combination. Through the implementation of many different projects, it was necessary to sufficiently sharpen the profile and also to think about promising business areas, such as on which channels new customers can be addressed efficiently.


  1. In the sense of a sharper positioning, relevant market trends, the competition, reference projects, strengths and weaknesses as well as goals and interests of HUBER GESTALTUNG were analyzed.
  2. In order to define the USP (Unique Selling Proposition), the distinguishing features to different groups of competitors were worked out.
  3. As a result, a specific portfolio of offers was developed, which refers to short-term (focus on cash flow) as well as long-term (promising industry trends) business areas.
  4. We developed and prioritized the next marketing activities in the marketing plan.
  5. Individual marketing activities were launched together.

Success factors

Dare to take a step back. To be able to give customer acquisition a new boost, it is necessary to question the positioning and target segments. Only a well-focused presence can be served with my broader range of marketing measures. However, it takes courage to sharpen the positioning.


New positioning statement

The result of the considerations and the sharpening of the corporate image was – related to the core competences of Mr. Huber – a new positioning statement as well as a new tagline for HUBER GESTALTUNG: “Architect of shopping worlds”. The offer for the newly focused target groups is put in the foreground. The recognition value is ensured in the pun “Architect of Shopping Worlds”. At the same time, the individual service packages for large-space design, customer frequency flows and interior architecture are conveyed as a whole.

Limitation and focus on target groups

Together we have adapted and reduced the service portfolio for the individual target groups. The target groups are now clearly visible in all marketing materials (homepage, company presentations, lectures, folders).

Marketing activities for architects

A marketing plan prioritized according to the chance of success and the least possible amount of time is now implemented together. Support is provided for individual measures on a case-by-case basis.

About the collaboration

Petra Wolkenstein about the collaboration: 

Mr. Huber is not only a very thoughtful, creative mind with a lot of experience in his field, which his customers are happy to confirm. He also demonstrates a strong pull towards his goals. Our collaboration is all the more satisfying because he also implements our results promptly and can thus pick up the success quickly.

Martin Huber about the collaboration: 

I appreciate the very productive collaboration with Petra Wolkenstein. I particularly like the fact that the external appearance is now easier. I identify 100% with the “architect of shopping worlds” and notice that my potential customers immediately know what we stand for at HUBER GESTALTUNG. This makes us less interchangeable and sets us apart from the competition. We tackle new marketing measures together more quickly because I can call up specific feedback from Konsultori. I am enthusiastic about the innovative impulses that Petra Wolkenstein has brought to my company and look forward to further cooperation.

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