Digitalisation of the accounting process




Branche: Onboarding Software
Projekt: Digitalisation of the commercial processes
Unternehmen: SignD
Ansprechpartner: CFO


The accounting was done by a geographically dislocated accountant. Results would not be available in a timely manner. Management and investor reporting was mapped relevant to payments.


As a solution to the challenge that arose, an implementation of online accounting software was carried out. For this purpose, a specification sheet was drawn up with the client. On this basis, a tool was selected and implemented at the customer’s site.
The customer pre-accounts the vouchers, creates online invoices and posts the payments himself.
In addition, the company has changed its tax advisor. The new tax advisor accesses the pre-accounted documents directly and can import both the pre-accounted documents and the posted invoices.

Success factors

  • Structured specification and subsequent implementation at the client’s premises
  • Selection process of software and tax consultant with the client
  • Structuring the internal document flow at the client
  • Uniform pre-accounting of the documents
  • Smooth change of tax consultant


As a result of the implementation of the accounting software, the digitalised processes run productively and efficiently.

  • Reduction in tax consultancy costs
  • Real-time commercial information available to CFO
  • The basis for performance-relevant reporting

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